the youtube big opportunity monetization

Set up monetization
Being a YouTube partner lets you to monetize videos on your channel and earn money from the revenue. Before you get started, check our YouTube Partner program overview to see if your channel is eligible and learn how to opt in.

Use the steps below to learn how to enable eligible videos and set your monetization default to earn money.

You can set your monetization default so that every web upload is automatically monetized or not. ____________

Plenty of people have discovered innovative ways to make money on the Internet. One highly-popular method of generating income from the Internet is to monetize a YouTube channel. Whether you are hosting a video blog, promoting products you sell on a website or trying to get your band some much-needed attention from music lovers on the web, monetizing a YouTube channel is an excellent way to create a strong cash flow, if you do it right. There are plenty of ways to earn money from a YouTube channel: here is a look at a few. ___________________